Paranormal Superstitions

The Hmong culture is an extremely superstitious one with many rules to follow. Of course, if you believe – these rules have legitimate purpose. If you do not, they are still an interesting topic of discussion. There are many superstitious rules, so I will only be talking about a few that are very common. For those who are unsuspecting of paranormal experiences, beware of these encounters!

The very first superstition I will be talking about is falling at a Hmong funeral. This is something I have heard since I was a little kid. If one was to fall at a funeral, you will need to call a shaman to call your spirit home. I have yet to understand this rule but it is one I follow without question.

Whistling at night is prohibited! At night spirits and ghosts are wandering, so the sound of whistling will attract them. Beware or you may encounter an uninvited guest. Luckily for me, I am not too good at whistling.

If you suddenly feel a presence around you and also conveniently have a leaf near by, do not poke a hole in the leaf and look through the hole. You will see something you wish you hadn’t. Not only will you be horrified by said “something” but you will also die. As they say “curiosity killed the cat”.

One that I have personally experienced, involves my late mother. Before she passed, she said to me “if I come back to visit you (as a spirit), you will get sick”. Surely enough, after she passed, I missed her so much that I would cry everyday. A couple weeks went by and suddenly, I became very sick. The superstition goes “spirits that visit you will bring ‘bad’ energy”.

If you guys have any superstitions that you believe share them below!


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