Dancing along

Hmong dance has started to become popular again in the recent years with the younger Hmong generation. If you have never seen Hmong dancing, it can be an extremely beautiful and mesmerizing . Throughout the years Hmong dance has made a huge transition from extremely basic moves to very modern and more interactive actions.

In the beginning, Hmong dance was basically a two step dance (side to side) with some meaningful arm movements. As the dancers became older, the dance moves also matured with these performers. The steps have become much much more intricate, with necessary hand and feet coordination.

Hmong dancing may not look difficult but it is no joke. Choreographers will work their dancers until the routine is perfect. Many groups will practice their routines several months before a competition (usually held during Hmong Sports Tournament or the Hmong New Years). Prizes have changed just as much as the dancing has. Many years ago, competition winners would not only receive prize money but they would also be featured in music videos with Hmong artists. Now, the prize is a prize money, respect and honor; which could arguably be even better than being featured in a music video.

This is a performance from the University of Wisconsin – Stevens Point. The event is the largely anticipated “Taste of Toj Roob Dinner” held by the Hmong and South East Asian American Club on the campus (HaSEAAC).


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